Qualified Teacher Status

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is the professional qualification achieved by those who are recognised as qualified teachers in England. It is awarded for life and can only be revoked in the event of professional misconduct. Qualified Teacher Status can only be conferred by an accredited provider of initial teacher education such as a university (HEI) or SCITT (School-Centred Initial Teacher Training provider). QTS is a generic qualification that is not specific to phase or subject.

In order to gain QTS teachers must demonstrate that they meet the Teachers' Standards. These are criteria set down by the Department of Education in England. Evidence for meeting the Teachers’ Standards comes from a variety of different sources, including evidence from the teacher’s planning, teaching and assessment of pupils’ learning and from observations from suitably qualified and experienced colleagues assessing the teacher’s practice in the classroom. Please note that Teachers’ Standards represent ongoing characteristics of practice and that qualified teachers in England are assessed against the Teachers' Standards as part of their annual appraisal.

There are a number of different routes that lead to qualified teacher status in England. The traditional route includes a PGCE (Post-graduate Certificate of Education) awarded by a university. SCITT routes are run by school-based providers. Many SCITTs also offer a PGCE via a partner university. School Direct is not really a route, rather it is a means by which schools themselves can recruit trainee teachers. School Direct lead schools must work in partnership with an accredited university or SCITT, which is able to award QTS.

The Assessment Only route to QTS is also operated by accredited providers (either university or SCITT). No training is provided by the accredited provider and QTS must be achieved within 3 months of enrolment. In practice in most cases QTS takes place within a matter of weeks of enrolment as, if things have gone according to plan, the teacher already meets all of the Standards before enrolling. It is our aim to ensure that this is the case for those who purchase our services.